Sunday, 1 May 2011

OstroSoft Internet Tools (hack tools)

OstroSoft Internet Tools is integrated set of network information utilities. It is intended for use by network, domain and systems administrators, network security professionals, Internet users and everyone who wants to know more about network and Internet.
It gives you such vital information as:
  • which computers on domain are running specified service - for example: how many newsservers are available on domain (Domain Scanner)
  • what network services are running on specified computer (remote or local) - for example: Web server, telnet, mailserver, FTP, finger, etc. (Port Scanner)
  • let you test if remote host is running, accessible from your system, and how long it takes to reach it (Ping)
  • shows you the path TCP packet takes from your system to remote host (Traceroute)
  • shows you the information about active connections on you computer (Netstat)
  • resolves host names to IP addresses and vice versa (Host Resolver - dns)
  • returns contact information (address, phone, fax, administrator name, DNS servers) for specified network (Network Info)
  • shows network-related information (IP address, host name, version of Winsock, etc.) about your computer (Local Host Info) 
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