Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mach 7- Remote Spy keylogger (hack tools)

The Best Keylogger And Screen Capture Tool On The Web Today!
Mach7 Remote Spy KeyLogger is a key logger and stealth surveillance tool that is ideal for protecting and keeping watch over your children and loved ones while they use the computer.

Mach7 is perfect for surveillance of employees to keep them productive at work. Don't lose money from hours chatting or gaming on their work computer.

You'll know exactly how they spend their time so you get your money's worth.

The Mach 7 Software logs keys pressed and takes screen captures like a spy. It’s like having a manager watch over employees or trusting babysitter watching over your children.

You can even leave it unhidden and keep a record of everything you do on the computer.

You’ll never lose the information in your files again because Mach7 will keep a record of all your keystrokes and take screen shots of everything you do.

Mach7 software can then send the key and screencap reports to you via email (using your choice of smtp (ISP based email) or Gmail (using your gmail account to send the reports).

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