Monday, 4 April 2011

EmailTrackerPro (hack tools for email tracking)

Spam filtering
Take control of spam email with eMailTrackerPros spam filtering technology. Works with any email application that allows POP access. This includes hotmail, gmail etc.
Email origin
EmailTrackerPro can trace any email back to its true geographical locaction* by using the email header. The header of an email provides 

the key details about where an email came from and if it is likely to be spam.
Misdirection detection
EmailTrackerPro can detect abnormalties in the email header and warn you that the email may be spam.
Abuse Reporting
Despite the growing number of networks that ignore reports of abuse there are still many that take notice of abuse reports. EmailTrackerPro makes it simple to generate and send abuse reports to the network responsible for spam and phishing email.
Whois and IP data
By displaying the Whois (names and addresses of the people that are registered to an email address) information and IP address of the sender eMailTrackerPro makes it easy to gather key information when trying to locate the sender.
World Map
The world map displays the email origin. This makes it quick and easy to find the location without having to sift through lots of data and jargon.
Trace Reports
The trace reports section of eMailTrackerPro saves all your prior traces to make it easy to check back and review a trace.

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