Friday, 15 April 2011

Atelier web port traffic analyzer (hacking tools)

Atelier Web Ports Traffic Analyzer is the only software in the World that can capture the data that flows in and out of your PC since boot time. Don't embark in false advertsiments... choose only the best!
 A "sniffer" can track every byte that flows in and out of the network interface card, but can not correlate them with any running software. And it can not report listening ports (AWPTA does it and also reports any software the moment they open any socket).  AWPTA offers you the following features:
  • Real-time mapping of ports to processes (applications and services)!
  • History since boot-time of all open ports and respective mapping to processes!
  • Log since boot-time of data sent and received (up to 500 MB)! (The trial version is limited to 3 MB).
  • Sophisticated Archiving feature.
  • and a lot more...
AWPTA collects the data in the background with NO OVERHEAD for your system! 

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