Saturday, 26 March 2011

Vipre antivirus (without slowing down the system)

Vipre antivirus  used very little memory and didn't hog the processor's power while scanning, so it's a good choice for less-powerful computers...The interface was clear and simple, and the default settings were fairly well chosen. Advanced users can tweak many settings, and there's plenty of information available in the help file

some reviews : - 4 out of 5 stars

"VIPRE is a very good standalone antivirus tool that outscores all but the very best of its competition in my tests. Those with more than three computers will love its $49.95 unlimited home license." - Neil Rubenking

"Vipre Antivirus is the solution for protection against most of threats (Viruses and Malware) without slowing down the system..." - Editor

Retro Hack - Four and three-quarters Domos out of five

"I found VIPRE to be almost everything I wanted in an antivirus product. It’s lean, fast, covers all the bases, and does so in one complete package. On the whole, this is a package well worth the spend." - Ed Fisher

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